Smart Commune

This is a unique system designed to improve the quality of citizen’s life and improve the look of the city thanks to the active participation of citizens and their interaction with the local government.

City control

Smart Commune allows controlling city infrastructure like condition of roads, parking, transport, street cleaning, lighting, landscaping, wild animal’s problem, vandalism, education, citizen’s safety and much more. In case of the emergency incident with a user or people nearby, Smart Commune has an emergency response function. System sends user's coordinates to the nearest rescue service.

Timely problem solving

Citizen’s helps local government resolve timely troubleshoot. Effective communication between citizen’s and local government allows citizen’s timely reporting about city problems, and helps government solve problems important to citizen’s.

Team work

Our main goals make communication between local government and citizen’s easy and make life better. We want to make global safe and high standard of living.

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